PROAIR PL Series Roots Blowers



MAX: 65.000 m³/hr


MAX: 1000 mbar


MAX: -10 / +50 °C

Motor Power

1,1 kW - 1,5 MW




Main Features:

Ruggedly built for working under tough conditions, high load transmission and lower operating speeds.
Specially generated lobe profile optimizes volumetric efficiency.
Helical heavy duty timing gears, shrunk fit on rotor shafts improves reliability.
Guaranteed oil free conveyance.
Effective oil lubrication of bearings and gears at both ends.
Suitable for positive or negative conveying , for bottom or top suction.
Side discharge or side suction arrangement available on selected models.
Special sealed models are available for gas conveying and vacuum application.
Provided with pulsation dampeners.
Rotating parts are dynamically balanced to finer grades.
Six number of bearings as minimum.
Heavy duty shaft.
Special double acting metallic selas. 



Blower Package Standard Execution:

The standart blower package consists of :

Common skid for blower and motor
V-belts and pulleys or flexible coupling with protection guard
Pressure relief valve
Non return check valve
Suction filter
Suction and discharge silencers
Vibration isolators
Pressure gauge with isolation valve
Acoustic enclosure to reduce noise level below 80 dbA @ 1 meter
Ventilation fan and electric motor


Optinal Accessories :

Below accessories can be adapted to standart blower packages on request:

Blow off control valve with silencer
Special instrumentation for monitoing temperature, pressure &  vibration
Heat exchanger , pre, inter or after cooler
Pressurized lubrication
Automatic unloading device ( no load starting ) 
Water injection system
Instrument control panel with alarm functions
Flow controller
Gear box drive